Joerg Altekruse

youth4planet International

Joerg Altekruse, film director/producer/socialentrepreneur/academic/, president of the German charity association Youth4planet e.V.   ( as well as the Youth4planet a.s.b.l., Luxembourg,

is a lifelong filmmaker and producer, based in Hamburg, Germany, with a broad range of mainly documentary films, working with broadcasters worldwide, and a special personal interest in environmental, technological and social change topics. He used his skills to create art installations and exhibition concepts (at Expo2000) and for advising and creating campaigns mainly in working for/with the German state agency for public health, BZgA on topics like AIDS , children  and smoking.

His filmmaking for change concepts are based on the huge cooperation and learning opportunities in the digital sphere. Humans can reach the most incredible goals, climb the highest mountains, walk on the moon, if they learn to use the dynamic balance between the power of the individual, the group and and their common interest to reach this goal.

He envisions the digital space as the most promising chance for the survival of mankind, through action based learning, the combined creativity in the cloud and global interaction. 


Edwin Stepp

youth4planet USA

Edwin Stepp is president of Django Productions, LLC based in Pasadena, CA. He has more than thirty years experience in television, media and marketing. Believing the old adage, "Truth is stranger than fiction," Django Productions specializes in documentaries, nonfiction TV and feature films about true stories and historical events. The company co-produced Vinylmania, a film about the resurgence of vinyl records and also The Last Wild Race, a film about a grueling adventure race held each year in the Chilean Patagonia. Django is now at work on a documentary about the legendary blues singer, Howlin' Wolf, another about America’s most prolific science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, who wrote Fahrenheit 451.
Django is also currently at work on several feature films including one about the life of Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass music. The film already has an A-list cast attached and a “Who’s Who” of Bluegrass and Country musicians will be featured on the soundtrack.
Prior to founding Django Productions, he helped form Vision Media Productions, which specialized in documentaries about Middle East history, biblical and religious history and archaeology. Their films were broadcast on various U.S. cable networks including Discovery Channel, National Geographic and History Channel. The documentaries also aired internationally across Europe and Asia. VMP’s first production, Cheating God Out of Christianity won four international TV awards including a Gold Camera Award, the top prize at the U.S. International Film & Video Festival and the Intermedia Globe Gold award from the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany.