About youth4planet USA

youth4planet USA is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit with main offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We are affiliated with youth4planet International based in Hamburg, Germany.

The Challenge

In the age of the digital creator revolution, everyone can visualise ideas, concerns and stories and publish them online. But how can we use these powerful storytelling machines to solve real challenges like climate change and the transformation into a sustainable lifestyle? How can we use their potential to re-experience nature, discover the story behind the story and develop strong and convincing storytelling competences to reach out to those who can really make a difference?

The Idea

The picture of five youth4planet activists from three continents on top of the melting Greenland ice sheet says it all: They like adventure and discoveries, taking new perspectives and sharing ideas about topics they care about.

For creative innovators like them Youth4Planet is providing a framework and a platform engaging them in cooperative filmmaking for the good – in schools, colleges, workplaces or youth organisations. Based on their competences in research, fact and solution finding they jointly develop powerful images for a sustainable future. Their films and campaigns inspire their peers as well as people in governing positions and reach out to everybody.

The Implementation

Youth4Planet is providing an unique action, learning and storytelling concept for the digital world. Teams, seminars, interest groups or organisations – everybody can join in. The step-by-step filmmaking process is unleashing huge social skills and undreamed creative powers.

Digital apps and online tools are fun to use for local story- telling and global cooperation. A global „Story4Change“ campaign will be offering a continuous storytelling and action challenge using gamification elements to find the best ideas. The stories are based on the values of the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) and will be curated and bundled for festivals, presentations or online events.

Selected stories will stay in the Y4P Innovation Cloud as a rich and inspiring solution source for cities, communities, companies or institutions, closing the gap between „Creator“ and „Decider“!

Getting involved

Youth4planet is supporting youth organisations engaged in sustainability issues to start their own storytelling processes. We help to encourage your students or participants to find ideas for a better planet. Visit our website for further information or download inspirational films. Contact us to explore options for Power Team workshops in your organisation.